The Humans

The Humans

They stomp

Into the water

With their dogs

And their big feet


There are big ripples

And I can no longer hear the waterfall

They stomp

Down the path

Leaving dog shit

Spray paint

Thundering bass

They have no life in their limp swinging arms

They have no tenderness in their tense backs

They are hiding behind heir sunglassed eyes and gum

They are cowering in the hollow of their carefully muscled chests

They have no goodness in their eyes

They have no wisdom in their jaws

Didn’t they see me sitting here quietly?

playing with puddles of sunlight

The dragon fly

The white petals.

Can’t they see God’s eye in the clouds?

Do they not smell

the fresh rain?

Need I say more!?

I could almost hate them! The humans!

Just then,

One turns to me. Exquisite!

I feel such immense love

My body quivers

with understanding

Perfect understanding:

I am one!

Oh beautiful chaotic thing!

I am too! Fleshy ape banging pots and pans throwing fists

Through the upside down world

Driven, manipulated by impossibly complex

unseen forces!


the tides of history

Pounding on the shores of memory

I did not learn

But was forced to take

the false stories

Forged into textbooks

By white men

I didn’t want it! I didn’t want it!

Subjugating dominating owning vying for power

Ripping apart perfection

Pulverizing it like dust underfoot

Oh so innocently! Oh so ignorantly! Oh it is hard so hard to grasp!

I can feel it there, at the edges of my mind… Perfection!

She was always here

And we talked over her

Yakking loudly

We are doing it

Right now.

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