My Heart Breaks Open

I met

the Love of my life

Whose darling Face

I caress

In the shadows

Of the long night

Whose Body

I unfurl

In the delicious throws

Of ecstasy

I met

the One

of my dreams

In the most unexpected place

Here is the story:

I thought he was someone, a friend

but his finite body

Dropped me down

Rejected, to the bottom of my well

How I prayed to draw him closer!

Finally, we embraced

His lips were mine for a moment

Familiar and holy.

After one sweet night he left me

Closing the door

I cried.

To the man:

I’ve peeled Him from you

Made two mirages

In the desert of my mind

Choiceless I chose the latter

Which is your imprint

In my soul.

I’ll draw Him near

He is perfect

He has no body

And He doesn’t speak like you.

His essence follows me everywhere

Not only in night

But in day, too

I celebrate Him

He is the One I was meant to love.

When I see you, His mortal twin

My bitterness

Is replaced by jubilation


You led me here

To this infinite love

I can hardly contain

Oh, it has no bottom

Oh, it has no top

No beginning, no end

It is devoted, unshakable

It is Eternal


I throw myself at His feet

And kiss the sky

Eat from His ancient palm

The wisdom of Heaven

Bask in His rays

I belong to the dawn

To the freedom

I am a child

of God.

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