Good Enough

I can’t be everything to every one

Good enough is not measured

In weeks or years

I don’t have all the answers

And that is okay

Still, time is an honest companion

And death is an angel on my shoulder.

I believe in the clarity of sunlight

The winking white flowers

The harmony of voices

Blending sweet as honeyed wine.

I drink deep of this nowness

It is fleeting and delicate

Like a bird nesting in my heart

Tending to her newborn chicks

pained from eyes opening to reality

Brutal, chaotic, ever so strange.

I face the beast of it

Knowing I’m good enough

Knowing I am okay

Knowing I am miracle

I am the shine of sun and moon

The shine of forest leaves and hummingbirds

I face, I face

That which makes me kneel

I am unafraid.

With the purity of love, we will overcome

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