May Day

I have been contemplating what motivates me, if not being better than, competing, impressing, fame, status, success, money power over others etc?
What gives me my sense of purpose, my sense of worth?

Simple: a desire to contribute, to gift something to the world.

How do I access this desire? How do I actualize myself? Embody who I truly am?

In order to do that I have to be aligned with source, and let that source flow through me. That source is love, is worth. (The easiest way to become connected to source is to become aware of my breath. To become a witness to my breath.)
In order to contribute something I have to believe and feel and know that I am something. To shine the worth that I am.

I don’t know about you but I (admittedly) very often don’t do this! Because I’m
Grumpy or tired or lazy or mean or selfish or ignorant or angry or self righteous or jealous or you name it!! (Human). I “sin” which really means to miss the mark. So I am constantly in a state of humbling myself and forgiving myself, correcting myself and encouraging myself so I can return again to right alignment with source and let it flow through my thoughts words and deeds. To be in the flow. That feels good! The good kind of good. Soul good not just body good. So yummy! Ps. This looks different for everyone. What puts you in the mood is not going to necessarily do it for me. Thank goodness, we are all our own special selves.

I am not waiting for an external catalyst to save me or gift me freedom, inspiration etc. Disney princes, included. I am working *always* to recognize the gifts that I have and the gift that I am. Life is a gift and it is a privilege. Recognizing this I begin to lose entitlement and walk with gratitude and with awareness of the miracle of my existence. I am practicing this. This is who I become. I grow. I change. I evolve. Then I can share that. Then I can be that. Then I can really love.
and that’s what it’s all about, fools. LOvE. Didn’t your mama teach you anything?

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