On being a working musician

I’ve been having an important insight lately into what it means to me to be a working musician. I love music so much and I want to take my career to the furthest reaches it can go. That being said, I never want to gauge my success by my level of fame or fortune, as these things are measured by changing standards I don’t always resonate with, and can never accurately measure the merit of my creations! My goal is to make beautiful, powerful, authentic, meaningful music and to continue to improve my skills and my craft, which is never ending creative process. As long as I am doing that, I am happy, because the rest is truly out of my control. With this mindset I’m also much more able to support my fellow artists, instead of comparing myself, my success, and my musical journey to theirs. We are all unique!

I have so much gratitude for all the people who continue to support me and share their love for my music and songs, it really means so much to me that they have touched you in some way! I am also awed inspired and grateful for all my role models out there, rocking hard! You know who you are!

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