Today my favorite color is yellow

Flowers on

Florida trees told me so

Trumpeting loud against flat, lengthy blue

Like that Picasso who flows unasked

Into my every colored line

Today my favorite color is yellow

A trumpet for the times

Triumphant vulvas in bright daylight

Unselfconscious and free

Today my favorite color is yellow

Roaring lips who

Declare my majesty:

The Flower Kingdom

The Unceasing Dawn.

Those who stomp with foolish heavy feet

Crushing poetic petals under foot

Fall back, flabbergasted

By the immensity

of this brilliant

yellow flame.

I go down to its

burnt edges

Offering myself to the jaws of indignation

Prying me awake

Finding gaps in my knowledge

Righting wrongs fashioned by human hands

My own in sleep and

others, ragged nail and bone

I still cannot claim as other

Today my favorite color is yellow

Because hope is a wild fire

And we are its food.

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