"Your pain is the breaking of the shell which encloses your understanding." -Kahlil Gibran

There's just you.

There's only you.
You and you.
I and I.
The same.

There's only you, only one.
Lonely, only, empty, pain.
Raw and ripped,
Tired and gripped,
The weight of the world, not one, but many
Backs and shoulders aching with greed, violence, and pain.
I can understand how they act that way, and I can see it, clear as day.
When the pain is too unbearable to feel, we throw it up and out and upon the faces of those around us, even or perhaps mostly, those we love.
I've seen it within, so within it is without.
A projection, an infection.
So have compassion, and know your heart.
That is the only remedy.
To know your heart you have to feel, you have to feel to heal.
Oh it hurts, and it isn't easy, but together we hold the net.
An intricately woven web of same, of same of same.

If you want to connect and share yourself, you have to open up and be vulnerable. When you do that others can see into you, and share themselves too. This way we support each other. But many times we've walked that line and been dropped carelessly like a glass vase.
The pain built up until we could take it no more. So we built a wall, became numb. Pulled up the drawbridge and then there was no one home.
And how many are left there, alone in their castles. Raising children with broken hearts who raise children with broken hearts.

Oh pain pain pain, you strange intolerable beast.
You doctor, you medicine, you relief. Let us feel humanity's grief. Let us hide no longer behind veils of feigned perfection and half-hearted chuckles. I see you, your white knuckles. Clenched in fists. It hurts it hurts, make room to feel. Stay up all night, take back the time you wasted trying to correct your reflection, finalize your beauty, success and perfection.  All things fade, except the bright holy light, all things get lost, except the all pervading, all things end, except that which has no beginning. Breathing in and out, there is no time. There is no I. There is no giving and no receiving. No giver and no receiver. The phone hangs off the hook. I'm alone, and I lost my way.  I can't find my way back to perfection. I dial the phone, hello hello? No one is there. I'm thinking, I stare. I turn to face the white light, that lives inside me.  Hello my true face, the faceless one. I remember you, I go home. I find the love beyond the beating heart, the love that beats behind art, the love the floats like clouds, like that moon who loves us, who in belonging, belongs to us. If I was only in the woods, with my bare feet on the earth, I would know my worth. For she is me, that queen of the forest, that one who holds me in her secret bosom, the crickets chirping their pure songs of delight. I am she, earthly mother, womb wisdom, holy peaceful night.

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