Public Service Announcement 5/7/17

I have a strong conviction that Donald Trump is going to wake up, like Angulimala. Can we hold him and his heart in the light, with the intention that the still small flame within him will burn brighter and brighter until he's illuminated, and realizes what he's doing? Can't you see it now, that tiny orb beating inside him? Look closely.  It's the same as yours and mine. Then he will stop what he's doing and become a champion for peace, correcting and improving everything he's done wrong, and becoming a leader and visionary of the new world we all know is possible. This is the vision I am having. If we all hold this vision together, holding his heart in love and seeing that flame glow and grow... maybe it will happen! I believe in the power of prayer, the power of intention and the power of conviction. I've seen it work wonders in my own life and in the lives of friends. Think about how powerful it is just to be witnessed, just to be held in the loving space of a compassionate friend. Sharing whatever you have to share in such a space can allow you to release and transform. Let's hold our president in this light, instead of in hate. Please help me make this vision a reality!

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