When you love somebody like that

When you love somebody like that

How do you move on?

When you love them with every ounce and fiber

of your being.

And even more than you knew you had

When you pour yourself over them

Like milk over cereal

And wish hope and pray that the mixture is sweet.


What do you do

When time has passed

And the love beats on

Like a wingless bird in your heart?


Do you cry out, or die, silently

a million times a day

for eternity?

Do you mourn, wail, moan

Shaking the memories from your hair

your teeth

your bone?

From your cells, your DNA?

How do you do this?

Is there some un-catalyst, some trick to untie the knot tied so tight

That did not fit quite right.


Is there some other way to love, I just have not discovered yet?


Still, each smile betraying just a little pain

Each sun rise, a re-remembering why they're not here

I brace for each new step, forwards, not backwards

Speaking in sweet words to my new beloved: myself.

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