Your Palm

I know it hurts

Don’t look away.

Form yourself like a chrysalis about to bloom

Whose body melts down

Whose body melts down

So those tender wings can take flight.

Form yourself, like a cocoon

Around that shapeless body

No meaning, no sound

Like the bottom of the sea.

It was born to you

This life

Is a gift

This life

Is renewed

Again and again

Your job, is to burn yourself down

To melt


A fire in the sun

This happens more than once, unlike the butterfly

It is happening every moment

We are disappearing from view

And r e a p p e a r i n g

It is impossible

And yet it is


The life that was born to you

Is a gift

So what are you going to do with it?

I am asking:

I know it hurts

Don’t look away.

Your palm is an unlocked door

Open, where a fist used to be.

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