I made friends with my misery

We sat down side by side

I waited for her to subside

Then greeted her like a neighbor.

I said

Here we are

Occupying the same body

You with me, me with you

Both knowing we must come to

Some kind of truce!

You see

This loneliness

Doesn’t make any sense

Can’t you see how busy I am

With my darling friends

And my cat?

And this suffering

Well, really now

I’ve already outsmarted

Do I even need

to explain, why there is (clearly), no reason at all

For your antics?

So listen


If you need to stay

I want you to know that I’m not going to fight you

Any longer

You can sit at my board

Any time you like

Just promise me, this: one day, when you’re ready

Fly off!

Just like a baby bird

From your nest

In my chest

And leave me here,


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