Core worth contemplation

What gives us value as human beings? What is our core worth?

This is WHO we are and cannot be affected by how others view us, our triumphs or our failures.

Our core worth is unchanging and unchangeable.

Like the sun that shines, our worth simply exists, separate from any measurements of good and bad, right

and wrong, successful or unsuccessful. We can't compare our worth to anyone else's worth because we

are all equal.

To the mind, this may be hard to understand. Of course some people appear to be “better” than others in

measurable qualities. They might appear to be “prettier,” “smarter,” have “more money,” or be “more

successful.” But the part of us that measures our worth in these terms is really our smaller self. It is our

ego mind, and it is based in separateness and division, survival and competition- the notion that there isn't enough and we need to secure what is ours and hold onto it.

The realist, deepest, and truest part of ourselves knows who we are, and this knowingness is the truth of

who we are.

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