spur of the moment 7/11/18

I prayed to lose all false notions of self

I was left naked and bare, I am I am

Feathers floating down slow

Nothing to grasp but air

I am I am


Tell me that you love me

You person you

You who are so many and so few

You who are effervescent

You who are white light

You who burns deep blue and bright

I am I am


Tease me with your wickedness

I will only laugh

Delight exists beyond bitterness

But through it we all must pass

Do I regret the notion?

No, I'm free at last

I am I am


Did you think you could chain me up

Chain me with your logic?

No, I am butterfly forming

Soup in a cocoon

Did you think you could pry me open too early

With the pressure in your eyes?

No, I am waiting

My colors, a surprise


Oh, I am patient

Oh I am kind

Oh I am everything

And all you left behind

You threw me in the cauldron

And covered me with time

You tossed me and you boiled me

In pain and love sublime


I am molten lava rock

Carved by wind and rain

I am terror, I am golden

I am shielded, I am pain

I am I am


Believe in me

I am the impossible

Dew drops on a blade

I am the color before sunrise

I am the last time you saw clearly

Hello in there

I am I am

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