who pretends to hold the key

who begs God

who laughs and knocks at the door each day

right here, right now.

in the middle of this bar fight

intoxicated on moonshine

the real kind

drunk in the timeless grass on the dark side of the road

I found you there,

beloved, writing my hands.


I saw you in my innocent, human prince

I love him always


allow in this love

as my gift to you,

heal your broken mind

Let sunlight blossom in your fertile, pregnant heart

As you offer your body to the flowing light

of my strong love

Healing all you touch

Simply like sunlight

Humbly like breathing

My beloved child

You gave up your art to find me

You gave up your games to live with me

you made me your central sun and you made sacrifices

on my behalf

solemn and between fences

Here in the meadow you found me

playing with your hair and whispering sweet nothings

just like you want me to forever

safe and sound, cradled, held


my darling child how i adore you

how I hold you dear

so close, so tight

how i am always clothing you in noble robes

if only you would pay more attention to me and forgive all the small infractions and misgivings

meaningless train now sunken ships

I inspire you to grow in that rubble

don't forget me child

i am here, in your pen


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