I consider myself a jewish person and a disciple of Jesus, Buddha, and of all the Great Teachers who exist on the plane of reality I tap into when I get still. I believe in all the Gods and Goddesses of Old, the Hindu and the Orixas, in the intuitive way a child connects language and sound, subject and object; the aspects of feminine and masculine, yin and yang- the many facets, shades and colors of the absolute and it's virtues such as justice, truth, peace, and love; its elements of earth, fire, air, and water, it's directions in time and space North South East West, up down and center; I consider myself a Dadaist, a surrealist, a beat- I believe in the reality of the absurd, with its easy humor, its paradox, and its simple way of pointing out the miracle, the spectacle, the comedy and tragedy of existing- of being mostly space and subatomic particles that disappear and appear from view simultaneously, ignoring laws of physics. A three dimensional mobius strip with personality and social context.

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