Wildly, in love


Sometimes you look

Like a perfect prince

Your pony tail swish

Hooked nose, broad chin

And sweeping mouth


Sometimes you look

Like an alien spaceship

Eyes folding down in on themselves

Your chide, robotic grin


The weather patterns of your face

Are mine and mine alone

As I gaze at you from

My secret heart

Across the table



My blessed beloved prince

I wrestle you in dreams

Kneading you like bread

Waiting for you to rise


In moments I see clearly

And can separate the two

The man from the God

In you


You rise within me

Tempting flesh

Trembling I wait

Within my cove


Delight, when you unfold me

And come with me, inside

Surprising me with sweet and savory caress

Ecstasy that knows no bounds


Perhaps it was undeserved

The way I opened wide

Perhaps you waited for my wings to spread

So you could take my gold

(And keep your secret)


Precious fingers of man

You know not my invisible heart

And yet you pierce me

A million times

Without saying a word.


Every time you look at me

I offer you my golden medallion

Now I find myself permanently waiting

An open book you refuse to read


I confuse the two, Man and God

I stuff him into you, or try

To call him forth from glimpses glittering

Beneath wide cheeks

The ones that make me dream and quiver

Forever, how I love you.


God housed you

In my eyes

For a moment

A house of flesh and bone

I could love for a short while

An idol, a puppet

Waxed and waned as in a dream




When all the world

Elicits this impossible sweetness

Why try to squeeze it from from human lips and eyes?


Oh strained delight of ages

Oh patient sage-like knowing

Beyond desire

I wait for you

To crown me with your wisdom

Once and for all.

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