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"Melissa Gail Klein knows how to find the proper backup for her bluegrassy Americana tunes. Folks like Ben Wright, Greg Butera and Paul Feathericci pop up to help out with guitar, pedal steel and drums, respectively, but it speaks volumes about Klein that she would be the standout aspect on Wind. In a genre where female vocalists tend to sound the same, Klein’s phenomenal voice sounds unlike anything else you already know, and she goes even further by being a great lyricist who can tap into a youthful innocence while projecting a wise worldliness. Plus, she plays the banjo, so yeah, suckers—it’s good. If there is even any complaint possible, it’s that this release is an EP, and we want more." 

-ALEX DE VORE THE SANTA FE REPORTER  ::  Link to Santa Fe Reporter Article


Vocal empowerment


To sing is one of the greatest gifts of life.  To be knowledgeable about the voice takes self awareness, as the voice is intimately connected with all facets of our being.  Melissa's one hour sessions focus on cultivating a healthy tone while empowering students to discover the voice of their soul.  Melissa also offers performance coaching, helping musicians of all levels catapult their music to the next level.



Melissa is incredible! Besides being a talented and knowledgeable vocalist and musician, Melissa brings an incredible warmth and presence to her teaching. I've improved more in a shorter time in working with Melissa than I have with any other voice teacher by a significant margin. On top of all of that, we always have so much fun during our lessons. Thanks so much, Melissa! -Devon W.


"After my Dad died I wanted to learn to sing. In Acupuncture singing heals the grief that can get stuck in the lung meridian. Melissa is the perfect, compassionate teacher to help with this." -Beth Cooper


I found Melissa through a mutual and dear friend of both of ours.  From the moment I met Melissa, I felt an instant and loving connection. I was going through a hard time in my life, and knew that singing would provide a healing therapy for me. I had always had the desire to sing and find my voice, all I was missing was the perfect teacher.I found one in Melissa. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the technique of singing and how the instrument of the voice works. She has a wealth of exercises to warm up and fine tune the vocal chords. But perhaps most importantly, she creates and holds a safe and loving space for me to feel safe in expressing my inner voice. In our lessons together, I feel excited and ready to let my voice flow freely. I am so grateful to have found Melissa as a teacher, and know she will continue to encourage me to develop and find my voice. -Allie West

When I was in 7th grade a choir teacher scolded me in front of the entire class for singing off key.  I never sang out loud in public after that..... but  I really wanted to be able to enjoy singing OUT LOUD and feel confident that I was on pitch.   Melissa assured me that she could help me work my voice the same way I help people work their muscles, and she was right!  After only a couple of lessons I could confidently sing (by myself and without accompaniment) a short and simple tune and after one month I successfully led my dance class in a song! Melissa's gentle and affirming style made something that had intimidated me for decades not only doable, but actually enjoyable!   I call her "the voice whisperer." Now, we are working to increase my range (I have a range!!) and I'm noticing that as I become more confident in my singing voice I become more confident in other areas of my life as well.  I am so grateful! -Deborah Kern PhD


Banjo and flute lessons

Melissa's 8 year banji-versary is in May. She teaches a unique combination of frailing, picking, and singer-songwriter style strumming. Melissa is also a classically trained flute player with a rich music theory background from Mozart to improvisational jazz. She has recorded on a number of albums and is available for session work, lessons and live shows.



Melissa is also a prolific artist. Click the buttons below to brows galleries of drawings and paintings.

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