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Tea Songs Six

July 27th    8 - 11 @ Guan Yin Tea House

Calling all creatives, closet poets, established artists, whirling dervishes, exploding folk festival appreciators. Old, young, fat, thin, fully alive and/or cave dwelling seekers of inner fire, please come grace us with your presence at Tea Songs six, where all poetic, dancical, musical shares are welcome. If this is your first tea songs, feel welcome! If this is your 6th tea songs, I challenge to to try something new! Come ready or improv on the spot.

Tea Songs is an acoustic, intimate "open mic" without the mic (unless you really want one) where you can cultivate an ongoing practice of sharing vulnerably and beautifully in front of an audience of non-judgmental, supportive peers. Come hear your favorite new artist, have a breakthrough, push your limits, network, meet collaborators and future fans. Bring a friend!

Hosted by me, Melissa Gail Klein

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