Melissa first encountered the banjo while spending the night on an old wooden sailboat in Kona, Hawaii.  As the evening progressed and the stars climbed over the dark water Melissa knew she had found her passion.  A unique combination of folk, bluegrass, and blues, Melissa Gail Klein's eclectic folk ensemble is heartfelt and profound to experience.  Melissa grew up in the suburbs of New York city and received a scholarship to Penn State for gymnastics in 2007.  After competing for 3 and a half years she began traveling across the United States and abroad,  developing herself as a singer songwriter.  She released her first EP titled The Wind, It Grew Legs in 2012, and in 2017 an animated music video for her song My Golden Rule, which won awards in film festivals across the country.  She is currently writing and performing with her band, teaching voice and banjo, and working toward a masters degree in Social Work at the University of Texas.


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